so quick, bright things
so quick, bright things
"What is my worth, if I cannot be attractive? What is my worth, if I cannot attract attention? What is my worth if I am not dainty? What is my worth, if I am not skilled in the kitchen? What is my worth if I am not soft-spoken? The language of feminism was meant to answer those question by reminding women, and men who live outside the self-prescribed boxes of gender, that your worth is inherent, it arrived when you were born, it stays with you long after you die."
Chinwe Ohanele; "Afromentality-Shame" (via thatkindofwoman)

Brooch - Judith Kaufman

Jazmina Cininas

'White Mischief' - model: Hana Jirickova - photographer: David Bellemere - fashion editor: Melanie Huynh - hair: Guillaume Bérard - make-up: Tatsu Yamanaka -Porter Magazine #5 Winter 2014
Vivienne Westwood dress - Céline shoes - Delphine Manivet tiara - Stone earrings - Hermès socks

replying to anon hate

'The Hanging Garden' - model: Gemma Ward - photographer: Mikael Jansson - fashion editor: Karl Templer- Pop Magazine Winter 2004 - location: Central Park New York